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PSW13 Ross Hockrow – Out of Order, Storytelling Through Editing

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  • Out Of Order - Ross Hockrow Storytelling Through Editing
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  • Published on: September 4, 2013
  • Last modified: September 4, 2013

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  • A decent mix of some technical editing instruction with a more detailed lesson on how editing film/video affects the final project. A little pricey, comparatively, but probably worth it for people looking to develop their editing skills.

About 60 of us at Photoshop World caught Ross Hockrow’s video editing session – a 4-hour, fast-paced, late night class and a prelude to an upcoming “Out of Order” training tour. Ross doesn’t have a long resume in motion/film, but is author of several training tools, has been on CreativeLive, and taught the basics of DSLR shooting at his “Get In Motion” tour in 2011.

During the upcoming tour, Ross will offer half-day seminars, like his presentation at PSW, as well as full-day workshops. The content is geared to help those who are just getting started with video, including: his editing process, dump timelines, narrative bases, tips & tricks, audio editing and finalizing color & tweaks.

The first hour was a nuts and bolts, how-to look at organization in Adobe Premier Pro, including creating bins, renaming files, recommendations on scratch disks etc. He walked us through building a couple of quick scenes, using a “circular editing process” where Ross lays out the entire film/project and repeatedly trims and refines, starting from the beginning each time until he has a finished piece. However, he was quick to point out that editing is not primarily a technical function and the balance of the seminar was more film and storytelling theory.

“Editing is a philosophy,” he said. And that’s what this seminar hammered home. Not necessarily the “How” – though there is some of that in his lesson – Ross emphasizes more on the “Why.”

He moved on to reviewing the concept of starting any video project with a narrative base – “the foundation a films sits on,” he said. And he answered questions such as, “When do you cut?” and “How do you create the right pace?” In fact, he spent significant time explaining how changing the pace will control and direct the audience experience.

Overall, Ross’s presentation was a useful introduction into how editing affects film making and will probably be valuable for most people working on their first motion projects. At $149 for the half-day seminar, $199 for the 12-hour workshop, it’s a bit more expensive than other photo training. But, it is pretty specialized training with lots of tour stops, so classes (we’re guessing here) shouldn’t be huge and you’ll likely get a different experience than just watching his videos.

Have you watched his videos or attended the Out of Order training? Please add your voice! Rate and comment below to help other Togs decide if this training is right for them.


Really good at explaining how editing affects the audience experience and the final project. For complete Newbies, it's a decent dive into the basics of using Premier Pro.


In the 1/2 day seminar, he covers a lot of content very quickly. If you're serious about this topic, you'll probably need to book the more expensive full-day workshop.

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One Comment

  1. This tour was awful. Besides the fact that Ross rushed through everything, not leaving any time to take notes much less understand and or comprehend what he was saying. He definitely gave off the attitude of not wanting to be there. His examples were dreadful. All of the ‘examples’ were works of his own which were not very good examples at all. The purpose they served was more to show everyone Ross’s work than to use for learning. When he edited the segment it was the fastest editing I’ve ever seen in an instructional setting. He never stopped to answer questions, show what he was doing, or instruct at all. I really want my money back. What a waste of $200 and 6 hours of my life.

    Also the book he gives out is just as concise and about himself. Don’t bother reading it.

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