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Chris Smith Private Mentoring Sessions

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Are you searching for that perfect teacher/mentor to help you overcome those stressful lighting scenarios? Do you need help with new equipment ?

Private Mentoring Sessions with Chris Smith have been the most beneficial educational opportunity I have ever encountered.

I paired up with another photographer and together with Chris we began our adventure to figure out the technical components to this “new equipment” we had purchased — Radio Poppers.
Not only did we learn how to set up, power, and use our mulitple flashes, Chris covered all the components that make a location session the best it can be whether we were inside or outside. Chris set up the location and provided the model. All we had to do was show up, shoot and have fun! We walked away with lighting and posing, we gained confidence, AND a new friend!

We have added sessions with Chris to our yearly educational inspiration!

It is so enlightening to see the world through his lens and learn from him how to better create and shape light. Photographers are always on a search to capture that perfect image and be there in the most perfect conditions however, we are not always able to shoot in that perfect light! YEP… he has the answer to figuring out crappy light… how to use our flashes and filters, shutters and appertures to overcome those situations.

Chris Smith’s infectious love of the craft made it easier to quickly transition to radio poppers and multiple off camera speedlites. These sessions have been the inspiration I needed to change the way I approach photography. It is so empowering to walk away with the knowledge to be able to create beautiful imagery.

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