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New York? Las Vegas? Dubai?? That’s some serious coin!

Photography Seminar Conference Reviews at

Of course I want to spend 3 days with Heisler, McNally and Arias. I know I’ll learn alot. Hours of seminars, meeting other Togs, watching pros who’ve been around the block problem solve on the spot. Sounds great. But, like, $2 Grand worth? That’s a lens, a years worth of marketing and new portfolio prints …

It’s clear, the smart guys in this industry know there’s good money to be made teaching all of us Togs. But who’s looking out for our bottom line? How do WE figure out which seminars will deliver the dividends? That’s, I hope, where TOGreview comes in. A central place to do our due diligence, read about the Good, the Bad and the downright ripoffs so we can make smarter buying decisions.

Search the site now for what others are saying. Or, add your voice to the mix. The more opinions, the better.

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