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How To Get Started

Arias Field Guide

First, please take a minute to register. Don’t worry, it’s very fast.

Quality and quantity go hand in hand around here  - we need lots of good reviews to be valuable and trustworthy. So we’re extra careful about who can post and comment. Of course, registering won’t eliminate all the fluff, but it’ll help. After all, nobody wants Scott Kelby penning 100′s of 5-star reviews for himself! :)

Second, do a search for some of your favorite or least favorite photography training resources. If you find a review, just take a minute to post a comment and your rating. Focus on whether the training was worth what you spent and why. Would it be good for everyone or just a specific kind of Tog?

If you don’t find a review for something, click Submit A New Review. Make it as long or short as you’d like. Be critical, but fair, and help the rest of us know … is that really worth it?

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