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About The TOGreview Idea


Isn’t it time for a resource that helps photographers answer the question: “Is that REALLY WORTH IT?” We’re bombarded daily with offers to buy this new DVD, some awesome book, attend another 3-day seminar that will make us all better shooters, help us succeed, etc., etc., etc… And, because we’re all made of money (right?), it’s easy to just say “yes” to all of them. OK, maybe not. We have to be smart and watch every dollar. So how about we lean on each other a little and build a site that will help us decide what’s good for our business, our art and actually WORTH IT!

With your input, we can build that resource right here at

I’m a struggling ‘TOG just like so many of you and this site is my dream. I know it can work, but it’s really up to you. After all, one person’s opinion about a product only goes so far. But, if 50 or 250 Togs all like/hate it, that has real value. So, while I’ve seeded this site with my own reviews and a few from trusted colleagues, it’s your opinions that really add up!

It’s important to note, this is not a place to review equipment – wholly crap there are enough of those. Let’s stick to the realm photo education – that might be books, DVDs, college programs, maybe even a mobile app …

Thank You for taking just a few minutes to write a review or two … or six. Be honest, critical but balanced, and keep in mind what you think other ‘togs should know about the products: was it WORTH IT??

Very best and good luck!

Just another ‘tog trying to make sense of it all…

Lead Instigator &
TOGreview Guy

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